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My class (2012-2013)


This is my awesome class!

kindree my class


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Our lovable HEART


The human heart…The human heart is a hollow,muscular organ which is about the size of an adult fist.It pumps blood by contracting and relaxing its muscles.The heart beats because it is pumping blood,and if u actually feel the lower left part of your breastbone you will be able to feel it.When the heart muscles contract,blood is squeezed out of the heart and then into the blood vessels.When the heart muscles relax,blood flows back into the heart through the blood vessels.

Blood…You can see how blood looks like under a microscope.Blood carries food,carbon dioxide,oxygen and other materials tfrom one part of your body to the other.




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Cultural song


This is a hindi song that used to be really popular in india.Its from a movie called Jab we met!!!

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MY Top ten Favorite Books



2.Dork diaries

3.Four truths and a lie

4.Dead kid detective agency

5.The vampire diaries

6.Thea stilton

7.Candy apple books

8.Trading faces

9.My sister the vampire

10.Sprinkles and secrets

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Idioms?What are idioms?

Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions that are
either grammatically
, as in, “
time, no see!”,
or their
meaning cannot be taken literally
, as in, “
It’s raining cats and dogs!”
This expression does not mean that cats and dogs are
 falling from the sky, but it is a metaphorical
expression that means that it is raining heavily”
IN class,we are supposed to make a poster about an idiom and I chose “Break a leg”.
The idiom “break a leg” is usually said to It is typically said to actors and musicians before they go on stage to perform.It means good luck or go out there and give that audience your best performance.wishing you luck before going on stage like that and you can’t say “Good luck” because that will give them bad luck!So… “Break a leg!”Also
the true meaning of a break a leg is for a curtain call.Like when people do a bow or curtsy they put one leg behind the other and bend the knee,”breaking” the leg!!!!!!!!!!!
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How technology changed our generation


Generation gap is the difference in views of today’s generation and the older generation. Generation gap has resulted today from modern technology. Our generation is becoming completely dependant on new technologies and the media. Yes, there are many positive aspects of the impacts that technology and the media are having on our society, but there are also negative impacts on technology!The fear that I have is not for the technology but for the people. Technology changes fast but people fear change and resist it.Technology has changed the generation in so many different ways.If u have ever noticed mordern technology has really changed the way our brain works.Students these days are so addicted to their technological devices.And its really amazing what some people can  make or create with technology.School.WHat are schools these days trying to do?Well,students in schools always gets bored with school.why?Because the teachers are always shoving a book  infront of their face but what they dont know is that when the students use technology they start learning in many different ways and communicating in other ways.So,from next year the PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD will start letting the kids bring their devices to school and they are going to provide i-pads and laptops for students that dont have devices but obviously thats not gonna happen because.Come on!We are in the 21st century who doesn`t have a device.So this is my whole point technology has changed our generation!!!!!!!!!!technology

BYE   🙂

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For the past few weeks my class have been reading this very reputable book called “wonder”.It is about a 10 year old boy named August Pullman who is born with a facial deformity which is why he never went to a normal school.So he is going to 5th grade at a school called “Beacher Prep” and he is going to be “the new kid”.And if u have ever been the new kid in school u would know how hard it is but for Auggie it is harder.He is trying to convice his new classmates that he is just like each and every one of them but with an “extrodinary face”.This is probably one of the best books i have ever read.And if u haven`t read it yet honestly you should.THis is an uplifting story that at times it will make u laugh but other times u will be wiping away tears of sadness.There is a really strong message behind this book and once u have read it u will get the whole point of the book!!!!


Hope u like it!!!!

BYE     🙂

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Music.What is music?Why is it  so important? Well i can`t speak for anyone else but me.Music is so inspirational it just feels so right when u listen to it no matter which genre it is in.Why do people like music so much? Because people like music for a lot of different reasons. Like other art forms, it makes people feel emotion, see things in a different way, or connect to something on a different level. No one really knows exactly why it can be so powerful.Sometimes the music tells a story. Often people listen to music they relate to and get pulled into the music. It doesn’t even need to be the lyrics that tell a story. Even the melody can trigger your imagination to come up with your own stories.Like when its a sad song u can tell that its sad because its soft,smooth and low and people can usually connect to them easily from their past.But when its a happy song its loud,bouncy and energetic.People like music because its a universal language and when it comes to music u don`t have to understand the words to like it u just have to like the beat and the melody.That is why i think that music is one of the most important things in our life.




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10 favourites


1.Designing clothes

2.Listening to music



5.Going to bed

6.going swimming

7.Watching TV

8.Playing on my laptop


10.Going shopping


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